About Us


Why We Exist

The Daystar Center exists to build community.  We want to help people gather in the same physical location, connect with others, and thereby grow as individuals and as a group.  It's that simple - Gather.  Connect.  Grow.

How We Work

The Daystar Center works through a grassroots network of collaborations and partnerships with individuals and other nonprofit organizations.  Through this web, we're able to provide educational, cultural, and civic activities that enrich and empower our clients, guests, and community members.  A major component of this grassroots network is our community of instructors.  Our instructors go above and beyond their subject-matter to enrich lives and build community among their students and their families.  The instructors are also a community of friends who connect and grow together. 

Who We Serve

The Daystar Center values diversity and welcomes everyone who comes to our doors.  We celebrate diversity as an opportunity to learn from our differences while honoring our similarities.

Our Location

We're at 1550 S. State Street in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood.  Enter through Overflow Coffee Bar.

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