Private Music Lessons

The Daystar Center is proud to support Music and the Arts by offering the following instruments for Private Studies:

♪ Guitar
♪ Mandolin
♪ Piano
♪ Saxophone
♪ Trombone
♪ Trumpet
♪ Ukulele
♪ Violin
♪ Voice
♪ Clarinet
♪ Flute
♪ And More!


Unique Features of Private Music Lessons at the Daystar Center:

♪ High Quality at a Reasonable Price
♪ Accessible Instructors
♪ Flexibility in scheduling
♪ No hassles to register or waiting lists, You can start right away!
♪ Sense of Community


Please take a moment to fill out the inquiry form below if you are interested in scheduling a no-obligation consultation with one of our instructors to discuss a personalized curriculum. 

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